Who We Are

In step with Korea’s rapid economic development, LG Business Research has provided clients with timely insights into key issues of the changing economy and industries, as well as delivered corresponding solutions and management strategies. We strive to provide the most insightful knowledge and practical solutions in the dynamic global business environment and to help the Korean society and businesses prosper amid the uncertainty of the future.

  • Think Tank for Businesses
    LG Business Research is a think tank whose primary goal is to provide value to businesses using insightful thinking and analysis. Through vigorous research and consulting on macro-economic issues, go-to-market strategies, management system upgrades, and other key issues, we help LG and Korean businesses deliver unique values to the global market and obtain sustainable growth.
  • Future-Oriented Think Tank
    LG Business Research is the business partner that assists our partners in preparing for their future. We pursue to be the most future-oriented think tank that helps our clients gain a better vision of the future business environments and discover the underlying risks and opportunities.


  • Business Strategy Dept. 1

    We conduct research on future market / customer trends, new technologies, new growth items and business models in various ICT industries such as electronics, display, semiconductor, and provide strategic consulting services to related companies.

  • Business Strategy Dept. 2

    We are carrying out research in new growth engines and are searching for future technologies in various business fields such as materials, energy, and bio.

  • Business Strategy Dept. 3

    Provide strategic consulting and perform customer value-oriented research in various communication, content, information system and service areas.

  • Management Consulting Dept.

    We support research in management systems such as HR, leadership, culture and problem solving.

  • Trend Research Dept.

    Analyze the ever changing trends in global consumption · business · technology to develop a wide array of business insights to promote the continual growth of existing businesses, increase customer value, and establish new business models.

  • Economic Research Dept.

    Provide insights into and forecasts for the domestic and global economy, short and long term, with in-depth analyses on various economic variables such as exchange and interest rates, for businesses, governments, and households.

  • Policy Research Dept.

    We analyze the latest trends in domestic and overseas economic and industrial policies and look for future-oriented alternatives that will help the mid-to long-term development of companies and society.

  • Research Planning & Coordination Dept.

    Provide organizational support in research and consulting projects to ensure success, as well as individual support to LGERI members in their development to reaching the next level as experts in their respective areas.

Message from the President

Welcome to LG Business Research Online.

  • The world is changing rapidly. Every day we face a different economic and business environment, and businesses are constantly presented with new challenges. Only those that successfully anticipate and respond to the oncoming challenges continue to survive and grow.

    The same applies to our broader society. A society that fails to recognize the direction the world is headed will inevitably face a crisis. And such threat is growing bigger as the world is entering a new era of connectivity, artificial intelligence, energy solutions and bio innovation.

  • As the think tank of LG Group, LG Business Research continuously seeks to be the first and most accurate in understanding the changes and their underlying drivers to deliver the best solutions. In addition, we will continue to share the fruits of our efforts with the Korean society.

    We seek to conduct research that provides the most value and contributes to the success of Korean businesses in the global competition as well as to the prosperity of members of the Korean society.

    We sincerely ask for your continued interest and commentary.
    Thank you.

President, LG Business Research

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